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Truck Specialist

Dear Mick,

My youngest daughter, Malise, had an incident in her VW Golf earlier today after going over a speed bump that caused the front bumper to ‘pop’ out of its fittings.  She’s been having a tough time lately and the last thing she needed was to have an incident with her car and the associated repair costs to cause her any more distress.  She was certainly very upset thinking she might have done serious damage to her car.

Having only recently moved to the northern beaches, I drove her to Barrenjoey Smash Repairs where we were greeted by Dom.  Dom could immediately see how upset my daughter was and showed her a lot of empathy.  His kind understanding certainly helped her enormously to calm down and to put everything into a little more perspective.  Dom had a look at the front of the car and called another of your expert team to also have a look at the car.  Within no time at all, he had undone a few screws, popped the bumper back into place and it was all back together again.  We couldn’t thank him enough.  How professional and considerate your team are.  A rare and impressive quality that is very hard to come by these days.

When we returned to the office to thank Dom and to ask what we owed him, he wouldn’t take any money and said he was just happy to see my daughter with a smile on her face again.  We can’t begin to tell you how much we deeply appreciate what Dom and the team did for us.  It goes beyond good service.  You have made us feel part of a tightknit local community who genuinely care for their neighbours.

More importantly, you have taught my daughter a valuable lesson and reminded me that good people and businesses with integrity and superior customer service still exist.  The cream has certainly risen to the top at Barrenjoey Smash Repair.  Kama has an uncanny way or repaying good deeds in kind and I have no doubt, good things are coming your way.

WHAT SERVICE!! We were both so impressed, you will have our custom and advocacy for years to come.  We look forward to promoting your business at every opportunity.

Well done to you and all the team at Barrenjoey Smash Repair.

Best regards

Steve Sullivan

I had a ding in the back of my BMW X5 which I wanted to get repaired although with so many smash repairers around I didn’t know where to start.  Barrenjoey Smash Repairs was a referral I received so I handed the car over to them.  In return, I was given one of their cars, free of charge, so I could continue on my day to day running around until my car was fixed.

My car was returned to me spot on time, as promised, repaired and thoroughly cleaned inside and out.

As there was a different ongoing issue which needed to be rectified, the boys took the car in again for one day, fixing the issue at no charge and having it back to me on time.

I couldn’t recommend Barrenjoey Smash Repairs any higher, the service and repair were thorough, on time and nothing seemed to be a bother to them. Many thanks to Mick and the staff at Barrenjoey Smash Repairs and I would definitely recommend them without any hesitation

Many thanks

Holly Bouveng

Fiona Warneke

My wife’s Subaru Impresa had sustained numerous scratches to the vehicle over the years and after receiving a very reasonable quote, we put the vehicle in for repair.

The vehicle was returned on time as promised after four days, cleaned inside and out with a full detail all over.

My wife was delighted with her new car.

About a week later when visiting friends, I backed my Honda Accord Euro into a protruding ”I beam”, that was supporting an air conditioner in the car park, breaking the paint a leaving a small exposed dint on the crease of the boot lid.

This could have been an expensive repair had all the badges been removed and replaced. Instead, Barenjoey Smash Repairs masked up the badges repaired the dint and left no indication that a repair had occurred.

For what I believe was a more than reasonable cost.

I would recommend Mick and his staff to anyone without the slightest hesitation.

Peter Dally

Dear Mick

How good does my car look?” Everyone thinks I went out and bought a new one – because it does look good as new – should be a picture here I guess – too dark now!

Can’t tell you how much I appreciate the way you have taken care of every small issue – replacing and repainting everything you could lay your hands on

Lend me a car, no problem, take American Express, no problem – advice on how not to scrape my wheels again – I will try to follow

The whole experience was great – just hope I don’t have to come and see you again in the near future –  – ——— but will send others

Sincere thanks

Rosie Nice

But a big thank you for doing a great job & with speed.

Best Regards,

Alvin Lee


Julie Koleos

Thank you, Mick

A Superb job on my sporty 2014 WRX fixing 3 yrs of dings, scratches and
various abrasions.

It looks as good as new and is again attracting an appreciative eye.

It was ready on time and great value.

Please add to your growing list of testimonials.

Tony Morrow

I have used Barrenjoey Smash repairs for many years to repair and touch up
damage to our cars.  I have also once had them do a full repaint on a large
commercial van.   To say that I have been consistently delighted is an
understatement.  Mick, Dom and the staff at Barrenjoey Smash have always
done a terrific job in looking after my wife and myself as customers.  Their
workmanship and attention to detail is excellent.  They also do everything
they can to make the claim and repair process easy, pleasant and seamless as
possible. They “go the extra mile”, and they demonstrate service excellence.

John Harrison

Director, Coral Sea Consulting

Light Truck Specialist

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